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Kuon Shinzaki (新崎 九遠 Shinzaki Kuon) was a God Candidate who is sometimes referred the Railgun User.


Kuon has waist-length light green hair that is styled in a waterfall braid with the tips of her hair transitioning to a shade of peach. She has brown eyes.

She carries a 3-way satchel bag which is most likely her school backpack,


Kuon is a delicate and innocent in all manner girl. Having adapted to a high social etiquette, she did not have the capability to understand the dangerous world at first sight. Throughout the travel with her companion, the Sniper Mask, she was able show her abilities, yet remained naive and humble nonetheless.


Kuon is introduced when she approaches Sniper Mask on a rooftop when he is contemplating suicide. She mentions that she had arrived to this World that previous afternoon. Despite her lack of knowledge of the world, Kuon acknowledges that Masks cannot speak. She notes that Sniper Mask smokes the same cigars as her father. Kuon asks Sniper Mask to tell her about this world; however, they are interrupted by the appearance of a man whom Kuon mentions that she had been running from for trying to do "unspeakable things" to her. She attempts to flee from the scene, but is stopped by Sniper Mask who reassures her that there's no need for her to run.

After Sniper Mask takes care of the man and interrogates her on what she knows about this World, Kuon asks to accompany him. He refuses and suggests that Kuon find someone else to be her comrade. Kuon then asks him if there are any other generous people in this World. Sniper Mask thinks of Yuri Honjo and allows Kuon to follow him, intent on delivering Kuon to Yuri's care. As they depart to search for Yuri Honjo, Kuon hears Sniper Mask call Kuon his sister under his breath, but assumes she imagined it.

Later, Sniper Mask threatens to leave her behind if she keeps being slow. He insultingly calls her "Girl," citing how Kuon had mentioned that her name embarrassed her. Kuon is ready to argue for him to call her by her last name, saying she was only embarrassed about her given name, when she notices a paper sign taped to a nearby wall. Once they read that it's a notice from The President's Group, who are trying to recruit new members to help create god. Kuon requests to go meet with this group and Sniper Mask agrees, given the likelihood of Yuri Honjo joining this group.

On their way, Kuon spots a shower room and decides to shower. She states that it would be rude to meet new people without being clean. Kuon leaves Sniper Mask her phone to look through while she showers, requesting that he only look through her photos and nothing else. Her photos show Kuon has been taking photos of the scenery and one photo of a sign telling people to look for the God's Code‏‎.

They arrive at the Black Building, the HQ of The President's Group, and Kuon hears a man screaming. Sniper Mask suggests leaving, but they forge on at Kuon's insistence. They head up the stairs where Sniper Mask hear another person also walking up the stairs who turns out to be Yukio Tanabe. They secretly listen in to Tanabe tell Yuri Honjo and Mayuko Nise about the power of a "Person Closer to God." From listening in, they learn that a "Person Closer to God" can manipulate Masks.

Kuon tried to manipulate Sniper Mask but it turns out a failure. Sniper Mask then advises she should focus on what she could do, instead of making naive decisions. Because of that, she remembers her ability, which is the accessibility to the Railgun, and fires a warning shot to stop the fight between Kazuma Aohara and Yuri Honjo. This makes other God Candidates aware of her existence and thus, they are afraid of her. After the fight, she tried the manipulating power again but it seems she and Sniper Mask doesn't have the same wavelength.

Following Yuri Honjo, Sniper Mask hears about Mayuko Nise wearing a defective mask leading to her hibernation and guides Kuon there. When Kuon sees Mayuko Nise's condition, she remembers information about that status and a way to remove it. Kuon then proceeds to remove the hibernation and explains to the now-waking-up Mayuko Nise that Sniper Mask is cooperating with her, and wishes to make themselves Yuri Honjo's allies.

After hearing about Yuri Honjo's brother has been kidnapped, Kuon agrees to help her but this puts herself being the target of Mamoru Aikawa. It is then revealed that the Railgun User is a condition to become a "Complete God" and the ability itself is extremely dangerous. That is proven when Kuon uses the Railgun to nearly takedown Great Angel.

When the fight drags on and Mamoru Aikawa makes Rika Honjo his Apostle, the Guardian Angel joins in the fight and decides to kill Great Angel, who has been converted to be Yuri Honjo's mask. Seeing Yuri Honjo's spirit crushed by the Guardian Angel, Kuon remembers that her father used to decide that she must be superior to others, making her taking the lead and undoing the seal of Great Angel to let him fight back. When Kuon acknowledges that Rika Honjo has been brainwashed, she tries to become stronger by acquiring one of the God's Code‏‎. However, she is sniped down by White Feather Mask and dies on the rooftop.

Although being dead, Kuon still has enough time to transfer her consciousness and personality to Sniper Mask, which makes her live on. Since Kuon is "The Person Greatly Close to God" and bears the title "Judge" at that moment, Sniper Mask becomes "The Person Greatly Close to God" with that title as well. Together, they stop Sniper Mask's hibernation and acquiring the God's Code‏‎ inside his mask to become stronger alongside with some of Supervisor's memories.

The fight keeps dragging on and now Guardian Angel and the Administrator targets Yuri Honjo because she decides to go against the "Mechanism". Kuon now reveals that she can transport herself to other's consciousness and use her power there. Because of that, she moves between Sniper Mask and Yuri Honjo's consciousness to help both of them. After the fight, she goes with Yuri Honjo to help her stronger. Later, it is revealed that Yuri Honjo is too unstable but Kuon can stabilize that, creating a perfect duo that no Guardian Angel or Administrator can match. The game ends and Yuri Honjo is the winner.

After all the fights end, Kuon is in charged of supervising the Masks and the survivors coming to the realm.


  • Faceless Mask
    • The Ability to Avoid Attacks of the Masks
    • Hibernation Suspension Ability
    • Railgun User: Ability To Blow Up Buildings (ビルをブチ壊せる人): Kuon possesses the controller to move the Railgun system at her will. However, she needs to know the exact coordinates of her target to aim it.
  • Spirit Transfer
  • God's Code
    • The Ability to Stabilize Dimension: After talking with the Supervisor, Kuon can stabilize the distorted dimension from Yuri Honjo's power.


Mayuko Nise

With her willpower to save Nise, Kuon has activated the "Hibernation Suspension Ability" and was able to nullify Nise's hibernation. Mayuko is sometimes aggressive towards her, thus Kuon shows some fears over her.

Yuri Honjo

The first God Candidate that she has met in the Realm. They created an alliance with each other along with the Sniper Mask to defeat the creators of the World and to end this World peacefully.

Sniper Mask

The first known person who meets Kuon. At first he treated her condescendingly, only interested in the information and abilities she may have as a "Person Closer to God." As they journey together, he begins to show concern for her.


  • The name Kuon means "nine" (九) (ku) and "far, distant" (遠) (on).
  • Kuon's surname Shinzaki means "fresh, new" (新) (shin) and "cape, peninsula" (崎) (saki/zaki).


  • Kuon is embarrassed by her given name.