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Mamoru Aikawa is a major antagonist of High-Rise Invasion. He was a God Candidate who was killed by the Administrator during the Battle between Sniper Mask and Rika Honjo for breaking the rules of the organ.

Mamoru served as the main antagonist of the anime.


Mamoru is seen to wear a green fur, almost Arctic, puff coat and regular jeans. He has short curly hair with brown eyes and a stern expression.


As he witnessed his father's suicide as a young child, for which his father wrote a note to "those who betrayed him" on his business and social ventures, Mamoru grew to despise those who were betrayed, believing them a cancer to society and worthy of suicide. He expounds on this belief to Rika Honjo and anyone who will listen with his doctrine explained thusly: those who earn betrayal earn death. From this he has a great fear of betrayal, going to great lengths to avoid it; he ends up breaking the rules of the organ, for which he is killed by the Administrator.

While dying, he releases Rika completely from his brainwashing, but leaves his Apostle abilities. Though originally seen as an act of kindness, the Adminstrator teases out the truth: Mamoru's legacy would be concreted if even one person realized his doctrine of their own free will. He dies defiant of the organ and sure of his doctrine.

He is also shown to have a perverted side, such as when he stuffs his face in kusakuba's bosom.


Mamoru was first introduced in Chapter 106 as an antagonist

He goes on to be killed in Chapter 204


  • Faceless Mask
    • Ability to Manipulate Masks : It is revealed by Mamoru that he has thirty angels under his control, the most of anyone in the series.Ability
    • to Avoid Attacks Of Angels
    • Ability to Manipulate Angels:
    • Much like with masks, Mamoru's powerful manipulation abilities are shown to extend to several angels, especially around the battle of Sniper Mask and Rika Honjo.
    • Ability to Observe Consciousness: Mamoru has been seen to be cognizant of conscious organisms and has a limited sense for where they are in relation to him.
    • Self-Reinforced Ability: Like many God Candidates, Mamoru can greatly increase his combat attributes, like strength, reaction time, and speed.
    • Ability to Measure Angels' Strength: While mentioned in passing, Mamoru is known to be quite skilled in intuiting the various "levels" of combatants, which serves him well on many occasions.
    • Information on God's Code: Never fully explained, in conjunction with the Prophet, Mamoru has swathes of information on all aspects of the high-rise organ, which leads him to be quite fearful of the Railgun User.
    • Ability to Generate Apostles: As with Rika, Mamoru can make humans into Apostles -- greatly increasing their strength and placing them under deep brainwashing such that they follow every order issued by Mamoru. It is never explained if this works on Masks or Angels.


People Under His Control

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Mamoru Aikawa's Masks and Survivors
Yayoi Kusakabe Racket Mask Servant Mask Volleyball Mask White Feather Mask
Great Angel Rika Honjo Kaneda
Halberd Mask Sai Mask Wood Plank Mask Drill Mask Grenade Launcher Mask
Dagger Mask Samue Mask Giant Carving Knife Mask Acchan Swimmer Mask
Revolver Mask 1 Revolver Mask 2 Gridiron Football Mask Machete Mask 2 Driver Mask
Rake Mask Circular Saw Mask Meteor Hammer Mask Hand Grenade Mask Nunchaku Mask
Inoue Ishida Student Mask Grenade Launcher Mask II Blue Santa Claus Mask
Pruning Shears Mask Idol Mask 1 Idol Mask 3 Kijima Idol Mask 2


  • The name Mamoru means "guard, protect, defend, obey" (守).
  • Mamoru's surname Aikawa means "phase, aspect, countenance" (相) (ai) and "river, stream" (川) (kawa).