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Rika Honjo (本城 理火, Honjō Rika), real name Rika Makoto (誠 理火 Makoto Rika), is the older brother of Yuri Honjo who later becomes the apostle of Mamoru Aikawa.


Rika has long messy black hair.

Rika wears his school's uniform, and occasionally seen with his long handled- mallet. In a part of the manga, he also wore ski-formed goggles for protection.


When in battle, his keen eyes and naturally experienced movements give away how dependable he is as a stable character in the manga. However, he only does so, to reunite with his sister.

Rika might be the model for a courageous guy, but he is actually ashamed of his nervousness and supports his sister more as the suitable hero of the Realm, and especially when telling his "girly" name to people and expect the same reactions.


He's exceptionally skilled in fighting using a mallet, and also can read the opponent's movements. After becoming Aikawa's apostle, Rika has a great boost in power. He easily catches a bullet from an angry mask which not even aikawa can dodge. When he was fully concentrated ,everything looked like slow motion from his side (It was revealed at chapter 214). He hasn't given his 100% of his power.

After becoming Apostle, Without using his full power He is able to fight equal grounds against Sniper kamen(Who has abilities of God candidate and who force defragmentation on his mask which increase abilities far beyond normal angel). He is able to fight equal grounds and later when use his full power easily overpower Wrestler mask floor guardian level 8 and by his own claim in terms capability he surpassed three angels who are Dealer mask, wrestler mask and Miko mask.


Rika's first appearance was when he was phoned by his sister asking for his help about the world they are trapped in. Rika tells her she's more cool headed and courageous than she really thinks. He then goes on and explains what he knows about the world they're in and mentioning that he will come and locate her from the"really tall tower". However, he soon lost contact with Yuri when her phone was cracked. [1]

In some of Yuri's recollection of the past, Rika was often shown as a brave and knowledgeable brother. Rika taught Yuri about many things, from gun types to being a strong and valiant person.


Yuri Honjo

Similar to Yuri, he also worries about his sister. He believes that one of the only way for Yuri to survive in the High Rise Realm is for her to leave behind her generosity.

In addition, he was shown to say that he views Yuri as a more suitable main character in the High Rise Realm than himself.

Rika is adopted to Honjo's family, so he and Yuri are not siblings by blood.

Sniper Mask

Also known as Yuka Makoto, Rika Honjo stated that they're brothers that's why they know each other so much.


Rika saw Juo killing humans, but he did not have the will to shoot him and lets him escape, which makes Emiri wants to bully Yuri Honjo, masked as a revenge.


  • The name Rika means "reason, logic" (理) (ri) and "fire, flame, light" (火) (ka).
  • Rika's surname Honjo means "base, root, origin, source" (本) (hon) and "castle" (城) (jo).
    • His real surname Makoto means "sincerity" (誠).


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